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We provide an AI based tool to elevate the quality of the logic that controls systems for aerospace, railway, automotive, energy and industrial equipment.

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Gap Between Requirements and Testing in Embedded Software

Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Testing in Embedded Software with Developair. Find out how we do it. The V-Model and Functional Safety Standards The V-model is a widely used software development methodology, especially in safety-critical industries like automotive, railway, industrial automation, medical devices, and aerospace. This model emphasizes a structured approach where each development

ERTS 2024

Next week we will be at the 12th ERTS (Embedded Real Time Software and Systems) Congress in Toulouse. We will be at booth 10, where Developair team will show our solution based on symbolic AI that automates formal verification activities and generates functional unit test in the development of software components for embedded systems.

Embedded World

In early April we are going to be exhibiting at Embedded World to present our AI tool for the automatisation of verification and validation activities of embedded software for railway, aviation, industrial machinery, automotive and energy.

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Challenges embedded SW development

  • Cost and development time pressure: high dedication in the verification and validation phases.
  • Regulatory compliance: quality and reliability issues.
  • Opportunity cost: high dedication to low value added tasks like unit testing.
  • Attracting talent: difficulty in finding embedded SW developers.

Developair Platform

Developair is offered as a web application with both On-premise and Cloud versions.
Developair offers a solution based on AI techniques and mathematical models to automate the Validation and Verification activities of software development at component level.


An easy and intuitive way of defining formal requirements


Verifies requirements automatically


Generates test cases and test vectors automatically


Seamless integration with other tools


Cost reduction

30-50% decrease in the cost of software development.

Time reduction

40-55% decrease in development time.


Easier certification process and safer systems.

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