In the dynamic landscape of embedded software development, ensuring robust Verification and Validation (V&V) processes is paramount. That's where our cutting-edge software solution steps in: revolutionising V&V activities through the integration of symbolic AI and generative AI technologies.

The Power of Symbolic AI

Our tool leverages symbolic AI to verify and validate embedded software with precision and formality. Through symbolic reasoning, it deciphers complex and dynamic relationships within the embedded software specification. Developair offers a solution able to autonomously recognise errors, potential inconsistencies and conflicts within the requirements. Thanks to symbolic AI, the tool can also automatically generate a high number of test cases and test scripts in just a few minutes or seconds. Through intelligent exploration of system behaviours, it creates exhaustive test suites tailored to specific use cases, accelerating validation processes while maintaining rigorous quality standards.

Pioneering Generative AI

Developair is a company focused on innovation, we integrate the symbolic AI with generative AI to complement the rigorous and precise core activities of our platform. Our solution combines the strengths of both technologies to propel automation in the software development arena.

Impact on V&V Activities

The synergy between symbolic AI and generative AI fosters unparalleled efficiency in V&V activities. It streamlines workflows, minimises manual effort, and enhances overall productivity, through the automation of tedious tasks and the contribution of comprehensive insights. With our platform you can harness the power of symbolic AI and generative AI to streamline your development lifecycles, mitigate risks, and deliver superior embedded software products with confidence.