Our Tool

Our Solution

Since 2018, Developair has committed to deliver to the market a disruptive platform that automates steps in the software development process. Based on symbolic AI and cutting-edge technology, our current tool can automate verification and validation activities through three features: the Smart Editor, the Verification Assistant, and the Automatic Test Generator.

Testing: 54% of cost reduction. Requirements: 35% of cost reduction.

Main advantages

Fast set-up and automatic updates

Simply access the web application without installation or updates, ensuring you are always using the latest version of the product.


We have your privacy and security at heart. We take care of your data as you would do it.

Easy integration with your current tools

We provide plugins to connect with your existing requirements or test management systems.

Gentle learning curve

Our intuitive User Interface helps domain experts concentrate on more challenging activities and deal with their workload in a more dynamic and productive way.

The V Model & Developair

Developair tool suite lives in the deeper phases of the V. Is at these stages where the software features, architecture, components, and interfaces are pondered, designed, and tested. All these elements are key to develop a safe and dependable embedded software.

The Architecture

Developair is offered as a web application with both On-premise and Cloud versions. The cloud version reduces  set-up time, enhances collaboration and avoids having to maintain the computing infrastructure required for the execution of the  algorithms. Whereas the On-premise version maximizes control over the data. Our solution includes three features and we use connectors to export verified requirements and generated tests to your tools of choice.

Smart Editor

An easy and intuitive way of defining formal requirements


  • It eliminates ambiguities in the requirements, a formal requirement only has one possible interpretation.
  • It favours standardisation when defining requirements.

Automatic Verification

Verifies requirements automatically


  • Early verification of software specification.
  • Smart assistance to detect requirements incosistencies, conflicts and errors.

Automatic Test Generator

Generates test cases and test vectors automatically


  • Tests and oracles are generated automatically from requirements specification.
  • After choosing your preferred coverage criteria, you can generate hundreds of tests in one click.


Seamless integration with other tools


  • Requirements can be exported to requirement management tools (ex. IBM DOORS, IBM DNG, etc.)
  • Generated tests can be exported to testing tools (ex. Simulink, Vectorcast, etc.)

42%* total cost reduction

  • Reduction of SW development times by up to 50%.
  • Reduction of nonconformity costs and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Reduction of opportunity cost: 3 out of 10 engineers reassigned to high value-added tasks

*According to a case study carried out in the railway sector


Requirements management

Can I export the requirements defined in Developair to requirements management tools?

Yes, we have a connector to IBM DOORs and IBM DOORS Next currently available and we are working on connectors to other requirements management tools such as Polarion or JAMA.

We use a proprietary tool to manage requirements, is there any way to import the requirements defined in Developair?

Yes, we can develop custom connectors for proprietary requirement management tools. If the proprietary tool supports ReqIF, you could also export the requirements defined in the Developair platform in ReqIF format and import them into the proprietary tool in ReqIF. It is also possible to export a JSON with the requirements. It is also possible to export the requirements in a JSON file.

Testing tools

We use a customized version of CxxTest for unit testing, how can we use the tests generated in Developair?

We can develop custom connectors for proprietary testing tools. It is also possible to export a JSON file with all test sequences.

Which test tools are currently supported by Developair?

Currently we have connectors to Simulink Test and Vectorcast, we usually develop new connectors when the are requested by a customer. If you use any other testing tools, please contact us for more information.

Programming languages

What programming languages does the platform support?

Both the requirements defined in the platform and the generated tests are independent of the programming language or the testing environment. The Developair platform generates unit tests based on the logic defined in the requirements and then the tests are transformed by a connector to be used in different testing environments. We currently have connectors to Simulink and Vectorcast for C/C++ code and we can develop new connectors on request.