Developair is a development platform focused on automatic verification of requirements and generation of tests, enabling the optimization of the software development life cycle, offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) format and oriented primarily towards companies developing intelligent systems in the transport, energy, aerospace, health or manufacturing sectors.

Main advantages

Fast set-up and automatic updates

Simply access the web application without installation or updates, ensuring you are always using the latest version of the product.


We take care of your data as you would yourself. Privacy and security for your business.

Easy integration with your current tools

We provide plugins to connect with your existing requirements or test management systems.

Gentle learning curve

Our intuitive UI helps domain experts concentrate on developing software quickly, focusing only on their job.

Smart assistance

Developair offers intelligent assistance across multiple phases of the software development life cycle.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Developair is offered as a web application in order to reduce set-up time, enhance collaboration and avoid having to maintain the computing infrastructure that needed algorithms require. Two modules are available:


Verifies requirements automatically


  • Early validation of sofware
  • High degree of automation, leading to reduced development cost and time


Generates test cases and test vectors automatically


  • Tests and oracles are generated automatically from requirements specification
  • Generated tests can be exported to a target system (ex. Simulink, etc…)

42%* total cost reduction

– 35% cost reduction in specification

– 21% cost reduction in implementation

– 54% cost reduction in testing

*According to a case study carried out in the railway sector